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Ultion Locks & Anti Snap Lock Upgrades in Leicester

What are Anti Snap Locks?

Lock snapping is a method burglars use to break into properties that have particular types of locks. It literally involves snapping the lock in two to expose the mechanism.

When you turn the key to lock your doors, your initial instinct is to ‘twist and forget’. Naturally, you feel safe knowing that your doors are locked and that your property is safe. However, this is often not the case as a regular lock cylinder will not prevent burglars from breaking the handle and snapping your locks to easily gain entry.

These anti snap Euro cylinder locks are by far the best cylinder upgrade you can make because they have been proven unbeatable as far as burglary prevention goes.

Why Should I Fit an Ultion Anti Snap Lock?

Anti snap locks for UPVC doors work very well to prevent burglars from gaining entry who use the snapping method to break in. However, even some of the best anti snap locks can fail to completely prevent criminals from breaking into your property.

Fortunately, this is not the case when you go with an anti snap lock which features an Ultion cylinder lock. While they may be slightly more expensive, don’t let the Ultion lock cost discourage you – the extra money is well worth the extra security that you get.

When it comes to Ultion cylinder locks, the brand guarantees burglary prevention. In fact, they guarantee it in a way that if there is a successful break-in despite having their anti snap Euro lock installed, they will pay £1,000 to property owners themselves. And this applies to a 10-year installation period at the bare minimum!

Simply put, there is no better security solution than getting the best anti snap lock system – Ultion.

Ultion Anti Snap Lock Upgrades In Leicester

Ultion Locks

Ultion Lock Price – Well Justified

An Ultion anti snap door lock will definitely cost more than, say, an ABS anti snap lock or Yale anti snap lock; however, this is a cost any property owner should confidently invest in.

Any weaknesses and inconsistencies in door locks can make it very easy for a burglar to make a snap entry. An Ultion lock has the best quality anti snap cylinders to prevent and discourage any would-be criminal from breaking into your premises.

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